I grew up near the ocean on a quiet section of the New Jersey shore. In all weathers, my family went to the beach to walk, explore, and experience the endless sea and sky. Inspired by the natural environment, my writing features a strong sense of place.

I loved imitating people when I was young and now, as I write, I imagine my characters' voices. Tucker, my Walker hound, has a distinctive voice that not only echoes across our pond, but through the blog he inspired.

Through watercolors, I paint my own view of nature, and through poetry and prose, I imagine people and worlds that could exist. 

A lifelong reader, I fuse my knowledge of literature with a particular landscape and an authentic voice to create my own world through writing. 

In my work, I draw on my background in daily newspaper reporting and editing and my career as a children's library teacher.

I am represented by Erzsi Deak of Hen&ink Literary Studio and am the winner of the 2016 PEN - New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award.